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The Ecohydrology Group is part of the Cornell Soil and Water Lab, a diverse group of highly collaborative researchers. Our work focuses largely on understanding interactions between physical hydrology and ecosystems, with the ultimate goal of developing better strategies for protecting water quality and the "natural" environment. Research activities are distributed more or less evenly among field work, analytical and numerical modeling, laboratory experimentation, and remote data acquisition, typically in combination. We are also continually in search of developing and/or applying new ways to measure, observe, or otherwise characterize environmental systems and processes.

My personal interests are broad and include hydrology-microbial ecology interactions, environmental fluid mechanics, hydrological transport processes, cold-regions hydrology, watershed modeling, environmental biophysics, and watershed biogeochemistry.


Hatch Undergraduate Research Grant!
Sarah Nadeau

New Jobs
Becky Marjerison: postdoc - Cornell Adapt-N program
Jo Archibald: Faculty Position - Seattle Unversity
Breann Leibermann: Water Resources Extension Position - Clemson University
Rosemary Yardley: Engineering Consultant - AMEC, Atlanta, GA
Todd Anderson: Postdoc - Mt. Holyoke (w/ Kate Ballentine)
Asha Sharma: Postdoc - Cornell Tata Program

Defended PhD Dissertation
Josephine Archibald
Becky Marjerison
Asha Sharma

Completed Masters Degree!
Paul Herendeen
Katy Hofmeister
Breann Leibermann
Rosemary Yardley

Passed A-exam
Pete Marchetto
Lauren McPhillips
Sheila Saia
Chaozi Wang

2013-14 Water Advocate Award
Breann Lieberman

EPA STAR Graduate Research Fellowship
Sheila Saia

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Erin Menzies
honorable mention: Michelle DiBenedetto

CBCC-IGERT Traineeship
Natalie Bouchard

NY Water Envir. Assoc. - NG Kaul Scholarship
Breann Liebermann

Einaudi Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship
Erin Menzies

CALS Academic Excellence Award - Environmental Engineering
Margaret Fleming

Graduate School
Breann Liebermann - Cornell (MEng)
Christine Georgakakos - Cornell (MEng)
Rachel Brooks - Cornell (MEng)
Margaret Fleming - Johns Hopkins (PhD)
Paul Herendeen - Colorado State Univ. (PhD)

In the News
Phosphorus Articles: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Sheila Saia

Lauren McPhillips, Janet Barclay, and Armanda Roco

Cornell Graduate School Travel Grant
Asha Sharma

Biological and Environmental Engineering
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Environmental Science
University of Alaska Southeast
11120 Glacier Hwy.
Juneau, AK 99801


Cornell Chornical
Groundwater is safe in potential N.Y. fracking area
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