BEE 4730 - Watershed Engineering
Lecture: TR 10:10-11:00 Lab: R 1:25-4:25
B15 Riley-Robb Hall

Fall 2014
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TAs: Allison Truhlar (amt94)

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Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to teach basic design and analysis as practiced for water control and nonpoint source pollution prevention. We will discuss the origins of design approaches including their theoretical bases but this is not a theory course. Many design methods have an empirical basis and simplifying assumptions, generally because extensive data requirements for more complex physically robust analyses are not readily available.

The first two weeks of this course cover applied hydrology and for some of you these initial weeks will be a partial review, but for others this will be a relatively intense period.

Most of the course will be dedicated to practicing applied design. There are two aspects receiving focused attention: 1) applying scientific and engineering principles and methods to create designs and 2) presenting work in concise, organized reports. Most assignments will be representative of real-life engineering problems and will involve as much hands-on experience as possible.