Biological and Environmental Engineering
Ecohydrology People

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Cynthia Chan (MEng - BEE)

Drinking water treatment with Agua Clara

Phill Duvall (MEng - BEE)

Solare farm impacts on watershed hydrologoy

Fletcher Chapin (Undergraduate - EnvE)

Field bioreactors (with Will)

Jillian Foley (Undergraduate - EnvE)

Owasco Lake water quality monitoring (with Sol)

Christine Georgakakos (PhD - BEE)

Urban/rural water quality (emergine contaminants?)
Monitoring and modeling soil moisture patterns
DNA-based hydrological tracers

Kipling Haviland-Hack (Undergraduate - EnvE)

Soil water mapping and runoff risk assessment

Katy Hofmeister (MS/PhD - NTRS)

Nonpoint source pollution and variable source area hydrology
Community Science applied to hydrology

James Knighton (PhD - BEE)

Cayuga Lake / Owasco Lake modeling (TMDL/9-Element Plan)
Ithaca flood risk analysis
Water-isotope patterns at watershed scales

Liz Kreitinger (MS/PhD - NTRES)

Alaska hydrology and biogeochemistry

Lucinda Li (Undergraduate - BEE)

Urban denitrification (w/ Lauren McPhillips and Natalie Morse)

Michal Lieberman (Undergraduate - Ag Sci)

Denitrification in Alaska (w/ Liz Kreitinger)

Sol Lisboa (MS/PhD - BEE)

Land use relationships with stream water quality - Owasco Lake Watershed

Erin Menzies (MS/PhD - BEE)

Cayuga Lake water quality modeling
Soil Remedeation, China and North Dakota
Quote: Reality is not always probable, or likely -J.L. Borges.
Beer: Magic Hat Number 9.

Susan McGrattan (Undergraduate/Research technician - EnvE)

Solute Transport from soil to runoff

Chelsea Morris (MS/PhD - BEE)

Nonpoint source pollution control via valuation of ecosystem services; Owasco Lake monitoring; GHG emissions from cover cropped land

Natalie Morse (PhD - BEE)

Urban ecohydrology and biogeochemistry
Interests: mountain biking, volleyball, and yoga

Sarah Nadeau (PhD - BEE)

Something with agriculture, nutrient cycling and genetics

Clare O'Connor (Undergraduate - EnvE)

Saturation excess runoff field monitoring

Morgan Parker (Undergraduate - ChemE)

Macroinvertebrate assessment (with Daniela Rosero)

Tanya Petach (PhD - BEE)


Chelsea Peterson (Undergraduate - BEE)

Macroinvertibrates and watershed cover (with Daniela Rosero)
Denitrifying bioreactors

Will Pluer (PhD - BEE)

Denitrifying bioreactors

Meghan Powers (Undergraduate - EnvE; MEng - BEE)

Denitrifying bioreactors - molecular biology

Brian Rahm (Research Assoc. - BEE)

Water Resouces Institute
Marcellus gas development and water reserouces issues
Septic systems: GHG, microbiology, water qulaity

Daniela Rosero (PhD - BEE)

Environmental Flows
Stream health, Owsco Lake tributaries

Molly (Gray) Ryan (Undergraduate - SES)

Polyphosphate accumulating organisms (with Sheila)
Microplastics accumulation in fish

Allison Truhlar (Postdoc)

Greenhouse gas emissions - septic systems, C-ammended marginal land
Microbial transport through soil - Environmental controls on gene-expression

Emily Vail (MS - NTRES)

Green infrastructure to reduce flood risks

Lisa Watkins (MS/PhD - BEE)

Microplastic pollution
Culvert capacity assessment
Riparian restoration
Urban streams re-imagined

Alexis Weaver (Undergraduate Researcher - EnvE)

Comparing microplastics sampling methods in streams

Maya Weltman-Fah (PhD - NTRS)

Impacts of hydraulic facturing in the Marcellus Shale region on aquatic ecosystems

Xiaoman "Sharon" Zhang (Undergraduate/MEng - BEE)

Culvert hydraulics and flash flooding
Cover crops and nitrogen (with Chelsea Morris)

Todd Walter (me)